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I don’t know about you, but when I first began to exhibit symptoms of my autoimmune disease it was shortly after a few years of a very trying time period. A couple of years during which I was highly preoccupied with taking care of others around me and always prioritizing them first. At the same time going through a tough time of elevated psychological and emotional stress as I was in the process of getting to know and discover myself as an adult, defining my goals and determining the most direct path to achieving them…what should have been a time of happiness and joy was quite the opposite … I felt completely miserable!


Everything I was doing seemed futile. The harder I tried to reach a balance
the worse off I was,  as it is nearly impossible to create a balance among family members, significant others, friends etc when you have yet to reach a balance in your own mind as it pertains to your needs, wants and desires and ultimately your own sense of accomplishment… everyone has an opinion, expectations, demands — it became overwhelming!

Well, what about me?! I was in complete contradiction with my core existence while putting all efforts into appeasing everyone else first… I felt like I was in a game show and everyone around me was the audience scoring on my performance… it was a lonely place. And soon enough I became resentful, began to harbor negative, unhappy vibes about everything and everyone… I had fallen out of LOVE!

And I don’t mean that I was lacking love for and from other people in my life… oh, I had plenty of that! Loving family, the most amazing little boy that never seized to amaze me, good friends… it could have and would have been good…  had I been strong, secure and focused enough to stay in love with the most important person in my life – ME!

Guys, it is very important to stay in accord with your core, who you are and what makes you feel good. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish and chasing that “feel good” sensation, it makes you a better person for everyone else in your life. Any unnecessary effort put into making something perfect that results in your frustration is by far useless when compared to doing just “well enough” with a smile on your face. Anyone who expects perfection from you doesn’t deserve your time and attention. Walk away from situations and people that put you in discord with your “feel good” vibration emanating from your core… hold on to that positive disposition as it is sure to keep you in love with you! 

Everything  and everyone else is simply creating conditions for you to feel good, conditions which you don’t need… you don’t need external approval to love YOU!



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