Reclaim Your Mind!

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Meditate for weight loss! Meditate for brain power! Meditate for general health!

Meditate! Meditate! Meditate! … I truly cannot emphasize the importance of unloading your daily stress from your mind enough… I was talking to a friend who is well-versed in transcendental meditation and brought up the fact that I often feel like I have to force myself to relax… then, of course, I chuckled… because…REALLY?! Who says they have to force themselves to relax?! What a ridiculous way of looking at it. BUT, what I really meant was, getting yourself in the habit of meditating involves active steps, and to implement those steps you do have to be proactive until they become habitual. It is important to break the resistance around forming new patterns in your life, and that’s what I related to “force”… Meditation has incredible healing powers. Without getting into some underlying theories, we as humans really don’t know exactly how powerful our minds are, but what a greater way to try to explore and uncover some of that power than by servicing our minds and bodies!!!


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  1. I agree with you that meditation has incredible healing powers! For me personally, I have used meditation to manage my stress/anxiety levels and have noticed huge improvements. Once you’re able to make a habit of meditating, I believe the healing powers are so worth it! Thanks for sharing a great article.

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