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Here’s what most trainers and health nuts won’t tell you — YOU SHOULD NEVER EXERCISE WHEN YOUR BODY IS SUB-OPTIMAL! EVER!!! 

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The Benefits of Yoga!

There are many caveats with exercising while you suffer from an untreated autoimmune disease, in our case any form of thyroid imbalance… ranging from psychological, emotional and physical.

It all stems from the basic fact that the body responds to undue stress in a way that directly counters all expected outcome from exercise… via the most important but also most terrifying hormone of them all – CORTISOL!

Your body is already in distress, it is working harder than it normally has to in order to help you get through the day. When you suffer from Grave’s Disease, your heart is beating way fast and any form of exercise will elevate your heart rate to a new level of unhealthy… in it’s polar opposite case of Hashimoto’s or under-active thyroid, your body is already way too sluggish and slow moving to endure intense forms of exercise and therefore it will attempt to protect itself from this new undue stress by releasing large quantities of cortisol.

Now, while cortisol has a variety of helpful functions in the body, it is also directly responsible not only for thyroid function but also for a number of symptoms directly related to a poorly functioning thyroid, thus increasing the manifestation of these symptoms when released in large quantities.

Imagine slaving away at the gym or a cross-fit / kickboxing class only to witness your performance deteriorate as you run out of breath and can barely lift half the weight size others can with ease, all the while witnessing your gut get bigger… YES, bigger! Cortisol tends to create a protective barrier around vital organs when produced in large quantities in response to stress.

SOOOOO… what’s one to do?!!! Valid question and most importantly valid concern. It is a concern because you know as a result of the disease your muscle mass is suffering and so is blood circulation, cardiovascular health, metabolism and cognitive ability … not to mention the transformation your body is undergoing due to all these effects of the disease, where you are getting more and more out of shape, your hair, skin and nails and appearance is transformed rapidly in this rapid deterioration…


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Love Your Body!

Guys- it is an uphill battle BUT you can choose to NOT make it one!

Ease into your exercise routine, slow and steady, listening to the body, feeling and visualizing the transformation, putting a smile on your face, and most importantly NOT overdoing it.

Yoga is a really good start, because it is meant to focus the mind and soul into each physical movement and that, in and of itself, assures that you don’t overdo it while having a smile on your face as you feel and visualize the transformation and listen to your body as you go slow and steady with your breath…soon enough you will be able to apply all of the techniques to other forms of exercise and graduate to free weights in moderation to help you strengthen your muscles much faster while you burn fat throughout the day.

Start today! Allow your body to be what it was meant to be – the most extraordinary machine ever witnessed by mankind… it’s in you! Make it happen! Start today!






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