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Gut health …What is it? Why is it important? How do I achieve it?

We often talk about individual diseases, diagnosis, ailments, symptoms and the more we talk about them the more we allow this perpetual cycle of trying to fix one thing at the expense of another.

Most times the answer is not that complicated, the evidence for the CAUSE and subsequently the “FIX” are often staring you in the face – all you really need to do as an individual is pay attention. See, the human body is a very intelligent, self-regulating, well-oiled machine. That headache, stomachache, stiff joints, etc are signals that your body, the biosuit that you have been bestowed to in order to navigate this life uses to communicate with you in ways that will grab your attention and make you do something about it. The irony here does not lie in the fact that we don’t do anything about it, but in that we do the WRONG thing. We are always rushing to a quick fix, grabbing that painkiller to combat a headache, antacids to combat heartburn etc etc.

Often the source of our discomfort is one and the same despite the fact that our symptoms manifest in various ways. By medicating to fix one problem we create additional problems in other areas of the body that spear their head years down the line.

Leaky gut is one of those sources that trigger the body to manifest imbalance in a wide variety of unpleasant ailments: bloating, indigestion, weight gain, diabetes, brain fog which can become severe overtime as they trigger other reactions in the body, with worst case scenarios culminating in colorectal cancer.

What is leaky gut? It is a condition that arises as a result of microtears in the lining of the small intestine thus causing waste, toxins and other substances that should be passing to leak back into the bloodstream creating an array of health problems that could persist into far more serious and life threatening ones overtime.

How do you get leaky gut? Leaky gut is caused by an overconsumption of lectins, which are natural proteins that serve to protect certain plants and help them grow. Lectins are found in everyday foods like grains, beans, tomato skin, eggplant skin, potatoes etc. These proteins resist being broken down in the gut and are stable in acidic environments so they go past the stomach and into the intestine where they catch on to the thin lining because of their spikes creating tears along the folds as they get pushed through.

Leaky gut is responsible for many autoimmune diseases which result in lifelong medication regimens and no relief in sight.

Gut health

Gut health is marked by a gut biome that is in perfect balance

Gut health is important because it can reverse tears in the gut lining responsible for leaky gut

Gut health is achieved by having the perfect balance of:

  • Probiotics – good gut bacteria that help create Butyrate
  • Prebiotics – the food that Probiotics consume
  • Butyrate – an acid that reverses tears in the lining of the intestine, produced by Probiotics in combination with certain foods

While probiotics have had a peak push across the health community at large taking them in isolation will add minimal to no benefit. Probiotics need to be fed in order to repopulate your gut and the right food for probiotics are prebiotics. Probiotics as a supplement form by themselves do not work. In addition, if you suspect leaky gut as the cause of your bloating, indigestion, fatigue, mental fog, weight gain and more severe autoimmune diseases you should take all three components: probiotics, prebiotics and butyrate in order to restore gut health and start to repair the lining tears.

Bio Complete 3 is one of the most superior products in the market right now. It has been thoroughly researched and formulated to achieve a balance of all 3 necessary components for the reversal of lining tears.

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