Easy to find natural supplements for thyroid health!

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Whether you are simply trying to relieve symptoms or soothing a thyroid imbalance there are many ways to go about it and one of the less risky ones is with natural supplements for thyroid health.

With Graves’

For those of you suffering from Graves’ disease you know well enough that among all of the symptoms that make life unbearable on a daily basis, the most unsightly symptom associated with it is the Graves’ Ophthalmopathy or Graves’ eye disease, where the eyes become:

  • inflamed
  • red
  • bulging
  • dry
  • weak
  • retracted
  • sensitive

Sufferers will experience double vision and sometimes may go blind

What works

A selenium supplement will aid in reducing swelling and decreasing some symptoms. Because of the bulging of the eyes, the eyelids may fail to cover the entire eye while blinking and sleeping, hence they tend to get very very dry which perpetuates the problem. Fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids provide benefits for brain health and inflammation but are also essential to eye healthFlax seed oil and vitamin E are also recommended for relieving dry eyes. Lastly a really good eye drop that’s natural will provide the quickest relief

For all other symptoms associates with Graves’, the below are recommended:

  • Bugleweed:      contains acids that help prevent damage to the thyroid
  • L-carnitine:     helps with reducing hyperthyroid symptoms
  • B-complex:      helps with reducing hyperthyroid symptoms
  • Lemon balm:   inhibits antibodies from binding to the thyroid gland

With Hashimoto’s

Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism is the opposite condition to Graves’ and is a result of the immune system producing antibodies that attack healthy tissue of the thyroid gland, hence inhibiting its ability to produce the much needed thyroid hormones, essential for a healthy functioning body. Alongside a thyroid treatment or supplement one should also strictly follow a thyroid health diet.

What Works

Eat your greens ~ spinach, broccoli, curly lettuce and asparagus. Healthy eating
Rich in iodine persimmons are essential for thyroid function

Best thing to do is follow a diet that is rich in nutrients and vitamins, lots of raw fruits and vegetables were possible, lots of other nutrient packed protein like fish, bone broth and meats, probiotic rich foods such as yogurt that has been fermented for a long time as well as kefir.

Cruciferous vegetables have been a bit controversial when discussed for thyroid health, however, their benefits completely outweigh any doubt of them reducing thyroid function; one would have to consume a very large quantity daily plus have an untreated underactive thyroid in order for any adverse effect to take place.

Persimmons – the best most overlooked fruit for thyroid health. Persimmons are very very high in iodine and for most Americans iodine is lacking in diets country wide, so much so that we add it as a substitute to salt in order for us to receive the necessary quantities for healthy balance. Persimmons also offer a wealth of other benefits: fighting effects of stress and aging, are very rich in magnesium, reduce risk of hearth disease, protect your eyes, prevent diabetes, assist athletes in performance and recovery, etc

Supplements in addition to these great foods:

  • Selenium:          the thyroid gland needs both selenium and iodine in order to produce adequate levels of thyroid hormones
  • Probiotics:         help reline the gut, hence assisting with inflammation and immune system which in turn assist thyroid function
  • Vitamin D:        studies show that hypothyroidism is associated with Vitamin D deficiency, and in many ways Vitamin D acts as a hormone
  • B Vitamins:       especially B-12 known as the energy vitamin, important for energy maintenance and cellular and metabolic functions
  • Ashwagandha:  boost ability to cope with stress and balances hormones


There is hope after all. My personal go to for quite a while has been Thyromine and it’s worked for me, maybe it can for you too. Would love to get some comments about your personal experience with these two disorders and learn more about what has worked for you!



  1. While I don’t suffer from this I think it is wonderful that you provided some natural ways to fight this problem Sometimes medicine will cause other problems and I just think if it can be done naturally to try it first and use medicine as a last resort.

  2. I think this is a great article with helpful content on an important issue many face. Some of my patients have had Graves and it’s hard to watch them struggle with the disease. So many don’t want to be choking down pills to deal with the symptoms either. Good info on natural ways to assist with symptom management!

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