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I mean, seriously! I have done some serious digging in these past three years… where did the time go?!

I have gone deep with meditation, thanks to Sadhguru and the Isha Foundation… I have listened to countless of thought leaders and field experts in diet and exercise, mental health, neuroscience etc etc etc… and lastly I have taken up hypnotherapy, not any type of hypnotherapy but a very unique approach called Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT for short. How did I get here?! I really do think that all roads have led me to this moment…

That’s a journey that will take much more than just one paragraph to describe in detail BUT what I would like to share with you is the one lesson I have internalized… don’t ever feel that just because you are on a path to spiritual healing that it’s a green light to discontinue medication prescribed to you for a specific condition. Everything comes full circle if you stay committed and go deeper down the soul searching, self healing path BUT there is a time and a place for everything, the body is the most intelligent machinery ever, ever, ever, made… PLEASE, PLEASE listen to it! It is always signaling you about what needs the most attention. PAY ATTENTION!

So, my mistake was that after attending a full weekend at an ISHA Foundation Inner Engineering retreat I decided that I was now able to cure myself of my Hypothyroidism and decided to stop taking my Armour Thyroid – BIG MISTAKE! I was totally full of euphoria and didn’t understand my own limitations. Don’t make the same mistake under any circumstance!

I went through 4 months of deteriorating muscle and bone mass. MY workouts became impossible to get through, my periods were almost debilitating and I would feel like my shins were going to snap in half after walking for only one block. I had developed severe anemia… And what’s worse was that I completely didn’t put two and two together for months. I was so eager to be empowered by meditative tools and spiritual programmes that I discounted the fact that it takes years for these methods to bring your body back to balance. On the plus side, I have been meditating every day since then and it is a great way to start your day. But the journey to self healing is a much longer one and more often than not, it is a journey that has to go deep, not far. We must dig deeper, much deeper than we think!

BUT there was a way to repair this, ONCE I realized what I had done…

My saving grace after paying a visit to my endocrinologist and getting back on my meds (Armour Thyroid) were the Thyroid Support supplement and the Hema-plex Iron Supplement. Both these supplements have completely allowed me to make a 180… I’m back to walking for miles on weekends and having reversed the anemia and calcium depletion I am now growing strong, healthy, long nails and hair… I feel great and couldn’t recommend these two supplements enough to anyone that is dealing with any low energy and lack of strength, pointing to a low thyroid or anemia.

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